Dining Table Lamp "Rectangle"

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Sturdy steel lamp for above the dining table. A black painted steel frame (180cmx45cmx3cm) with black cords, matt black fittings and 12 dimmable medium and large LED filament lamps.

Suitable for tables between 240cm-300cm long and ceiling heights between 230 and 280

Total light output 3840 lumens, warm light.

No shipping possible due to large measurements!

Please note! Lamp is only suitable for concrete ceilings!

Supplied with materials for mounting.

Delivery time approximately 4-6 weeks.

Handmade in NL
Fully Customized
Free Delivery in NL
Durable Materials
Reliable and Fast Service


Discover the elegance and playfulness of the handcrafted steel dining table lamp with 12 black cords, fittings and bulbs, manufactured by Lichtbeurs. This unique lighting solution is designed to enhance your dining space with a charming look. With carefully selected materials and artisan craftsmanship, we bring a timeless statement to your interior.

Lichtbeurs's steel lamp with 12 black cords, fittings and bulbs is more than just a light source; it is an artistic showpiece in its own right. The refined steel frame adds a touch of elegance, while the black cords, fittings and lamps create a playful and vibrant element. This gives your dining table a unique and dynamic look that attracts attention and conversation.

Be inspired by the sophistication and playfulness of Lichtbeurs's handcrafted steel dining table lamp. Create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere in your dining space and enjoy the perfect combination of craftsmanship and personal style. Bring a touch of charm and creativity to your dining table, and make every meal a special occasion.

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  1. Etienne Braem -

    Beautiful disign lamp with lots of volume and nice detail that the lamps on the cross tube are not in the middle.

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