Lamp skylight self-assembly


A handmade lamp for in a Light Street, with a steel frame, fabric wound cords, fittings and bulbs of your choice.

The lamp has adjustable legs so that, after specifying the width dimension, it fits seamlessly into the skylight.

Lamp is delivered with mounting material and ready to hang (easy mounting).

Delivery time: about 6 weeks

Frame with 10 cords 45cm(excluding legs)x150cm Frame with 12 cords 45cm(excluding legs)x180cm +€100.00
Matte black Matte White
Black White Linen natural Grey cotton Charcoal Sand Jute Anthracite blended Grey mottled Brown mottled Green cotton Olive cotton Rust cotton Silver
Matt black angular Matt white angular Gold angular brushed +€16.00 Metal angular brushed +€16.00 Copper angular brushed +€18.20 Chrome angular +€3.00 copper angular +€13.10 Gold angular +€3.00 Mat black round Matt white round Black silicone +€10.90 White silicone +€10.90 gray silicone +€10.90 Sand silicone +€10.90 Mat black industrial +€41.70 Charcoal industrial +€41.70 Wood round natural +€40.00 Wood round dark +€61.75 Classic black +€98.75 Classic bronze +€98.75 Classic gold +€98.75
Globe gold small 9,5cm diam 470lumen Globe gold large 12.5cm diam 470lumen +€29.00 Organic gold 13cm diam 150lumen +€174.25 Globe bright small 9,5cm diam 470lumen Globe bright large 12.5cm diam 470lumen +€29.00 Globe titanium small 9.5cm diam 136lumen (mood light) +€29.00 Globe titanium large 12.5cm diam 136lumen (mood light) +€58.00 Organic titanium 13cm diam 80lumen (ambient light) +€174.25 Organic titanium 13cm diam 120lumen +€174.25 Segula floating gold 12.5cm diam 300lumen +€659.80 Segula floating clear 12.5cm diam 300lumen +€587.75 Segula cube heder 12.5cm square 300lumen +€587.75 Segula floating smoke 12.5cm diam 300lumen +€616.80

Please note that this design is only suitable for skylights with a width between 60 and 99cm

Minimum 170cm for frame with 10 cords and minimum 200cm for frame with 12 cords

To do this, add the ceiling height + the height at which the frame will hang in the skylight

(Maximum file size 32 MB)
Handmade in NL
Fully Customized
Free Delivery in NL
Durable Materials
Reliable and Fast Service


Discover the splendor of Lichtbeurs's hand-crafted light fixture, ranging from 10 to 12 cords. Each one is created with dedication and craftsmanship, with a strong emphasis on the use of natural materials. The result is a unique work of light art that is tailored specifically to your space and personal taste.

These lights in our skylight are not just fixtures; they are an expression of style and authenticity. Every detail has been carefully chosen to form a harmonious unit. The combination of fabric-wrapped cords and the natural materials, such as steel, wood and cotton, exudes a warm and organic atmosphere that transforms any space.

At Light Exchange, we understand that every space is unique and you're looking for a lighting solution that fits seamlessly. That's why we offer a personalized experience where you can customize lamp in your skylight to fit your specific space and personal preferences. From frame sizes and colors to types of cords, fittings and bulbs, everything is carefully tailored to ensure perfect integration.

Be inspired by the elegance and beauty of our handcrafted lamp in skylight from Light Fair. Create a unique atmosphere in your space and enjoy the perfect combination of craftsmanship and your personal style.


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