Standing Lamp Reactor Vessel Large LB 510



Lamp made from a 1.5Ltr double-walled reactor vessel with multiple outlets on the flange. This reactor vessel was originally used in the chemical industry to cool and mix reactions.
The nice height of the reactor vessel and multiple outlets on the flange give this lamp an impressive appearance. Beautiful for the desk, table or dresser. The LED lamp provides a warm mood light.


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Type: Standing Lamp Reactor Vessel Large
Made with “coal” cotton cord and rustic fitting
Rough cork stopper
Includes LED light source
Not suitable for damp areas
Lamp only suitable for indoor use

Brand: Lichtbeurs
Operation: dimmer
Color: transparent
Adjustable: no
Height: 47cm
Length: 21cm
Width: 19cm
Contents: 1.5ltr
Material: Glass, cork
Wattage: 4 watts
Number of light points: 1
Power supply: 220v
Cord length: approximately 2.5 meters


All glassware has been used in laboratories and may therefore show small chips (small bites from the glass), erosion (light tarnish) or scratches, please keep this in mind.


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