Floor lamps

Lichtbeurs has recently designed a beautiful new series of unique laboratory glass lamps. Many pieces are unique and of a number are multiple pieces available. If a lamp appeals to you, but you need a different colour cord, fittings or another type of lamp, that's no problem. Please include this in the comment when ordering or contact us about the possibilities.


€ 255,-

Unique lamp made from a double-walled reactor vessel with a beautiful flange.


€ 275,-

Nice desk lamp from a flat-bottomed cob on a stand.


€ 255,-

Lamp made from a 10ltr Pyrex laboratory bottle.


€ 295,-

Large flat-bottomed lamp with long neck.


€ 255,-

Unique reactor vessel light made of borosilicate glass.


€ 195,-

Lamp made from small vacuum Erlenmeyer flask.


€ 325,-

Lamp made from a 10Ltr round-bottom flask or cork ring.


€ 255,-

Lamp made from a 10ltr Pyrex laboratory bottle.


€ 295,-

Lamp made of a 1.5Ltr double-walled reactor vessel with multiple outlets.


€ 275,-

Table lamp made with a 6 litre round-bottom flask.


€ 185,-

Lamp from a small pharmacy bottle.


€ 245,-

Unique three-neck round-bottom flask or cork ring.


€ 325,-

Mega flat-bottomed long-necked flask lamp.


€ 225,-

On offer - Cylinder glass lamp of white glass from the German brand GDR. This cylinder glass is originally used to store plants or reference materials. Also as a duo!


€ 195,-

Unique lamp made of a measuring cylinder with white glass. This measuring cylinder was originally used to measure a quantity of liquid.


€ 325,-

Unique flat-bottomed lamp on a stand made of white glass with a green glow and cast iron. Imprint of the German brand Schott.

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